Cleaning Opal Jewelry

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How to Clean:
  • We have found over the Years that you would clean the Gold Filled wire, just as you would clean a normal Gold item.

  • With the only difference being, that if you use a polishing cloth to rub the wire or in this case a Pendant of ours, do not put to much pressure on the cloth with your fingers as you rub.

  • The reason being that over time you will rub through the gold Layer if you use too much pressure.

  • We find that a light rub, is all that is needed to bring a lustrous finish to the Pendant.

  • Here at home with my Wife's Pendant's, they only get cleaned twice a year (if we remember) and we use a small Ionic Jewelry Cleaner and when we do the Gem & Jewelry Show in Tucson, we use Both.

Normal Gold and Silver Jewelry.

No special chemicals are needed to clean your opal jewelry, you can wash it in water, a mild soapy luke-warm water solution and a very soft toothbrush may be used for Jewelry set with solid Opals, but it is best Not to Immerse any jewelry that has been set with Opal Doublets or Triplets in water.

As the water will eventually work its way in-between the protective crystal cap and or the backing, most likely the backing as this is painted with black and it is this paint that lets the water seep in-between not the glue, but again it depends on what type of glue they used, so it is better if you do not put them in water.

It is better if you have a small bowl with soapy water in it and use the toothbrush as described above or for Solid Opals you may submerge it in warm water and also use the soft toothbrush or you may use a soft jewelry cleaning cloth which I am sure you can but from any good jewelry shop, just give the opal a light rub.

Do not Use as some opal sites suggest, toothpaste, this is a grinding paste and will make the opal look dull, this will take the shine off the polish for sure that the opal cutter has put on, the people who tell you this know nothing about opal and certainly do not how cut and polish it.

Grease or Oil, which can even be the oil from our own skin will not soak into the stone or damage it, however dust and dirt that will stick to it, will scratch the opals surface when wiped with a cloth, so again follow the toothbrush way of giving your opal a good clean.

Here in the Opal Shops of Coober Pedy, some use ultrasonic cleaners and Methylated Spirits, not sure what it is called in the US, could be white spirits, My wife and I personally use a small Mini Speed Brite Ionic Jewelry Cleaner and have since 1998, but it is more for the people who have a lot to clean over a period of time rather than one piece every few months, it is sold by Speed Brite Inc, 1810 West Innes St, Salisbury, North Carolina, Phone 704-639-9771.

As long as you take care of opal jewelry, the stone will last for many years to come, you should avoid wearing opal jewelry while doing the dishes, gardening, or any other activity that might result in you giving the stone a sharp blow, dirt or sand from any type of work outside will damage the finish of the stone.